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Architectural Linear Profiles

Designed specifically to enhance the aesthetic of a space, these impactful linear profiles combine cutting edge technology with impeccable style. They can be suspended, flush mounted or plastered in and combined with dimmable or CCT LED strip for custom ambient lighting.

U Shaped Profiles

Available in various sizes and custom lengths, our anodised aluminium channels are perfect for use in both domestic and commercial installations.

Quadrant Linear Profiles

For mounting linear strip at 45º our quadrant profiles are ideal for installing lighting into corners.

Plaster-In Profiles

Our plaster-in profiles create a seamless linear lighting effect for a sleek, trimless finish.

Circular Linear Profiles

For 360º illumination, our circular linear profiles are ideal for achieving a tube lighting effect when paired with our LED strip.

Water Resistant Linear Profiles

Offering an ingress protection (IP) rating of 65, our water resistant and weatherproof profiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.