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Orion by Tagra® 200w 16.6A 12v LED Driver

Introducing our new Orion Terminal Drivers. The Tagra 200W 16.6A 12v Power supply is designed for high end demanding installations.
Upto 200 Watts 12v Upto 16.6A IP67 233mm x 74mm x 42.2mm Hard Wired 5 Year Guarantee

Install once and no need to worry about going back.

Introducing our premium range of power supplies for LED Strip lights, Tagra is a professional brand which provides high end LED equipment.

The 200W Orion from Tagra produces 16.6A of current in 12v. A Highly reliable product designed to give long term performance in demanding commercial and retail environments. In addition the driver can be set in damp environments thanks to the IP67 enclosed design. Fully EMC and LVD approved and has an exceptional reliability record.


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