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900 Degrees Restaurant Lighting

November 2018
2 Weeks
Develop & deliver an ambient lighting solution for the pizzeria chain to create the perfect atmosphere.

The founder of the 900 Degrees pizzeria chain was tired of the long wait times that often came with ordering pizza at a restaurant. So, he set up his own establishments and came up with an innovative assembly line concept, where customers could create their own pizzas, which would be cooked by the time they got to the end and paid.

Of course, this kind of restaurant would need to have a relaxed feel, and the owner also wanted it to feel warm and welcoming. So, he came to us and asked if we could help him to find the perfect warm-white LED strips to suit his needs.

The client provided us with an image of a restaurant he wanted to replicate the lighting of, and we were able to find the perfect lighting solutions that would achieve the look and ambience he was going for. He approved our choice straight away, and we were about to turn the whole project around in just two weeks.

Products Optiprofile HD95 & Neon Flex
Location Ashton Under Lyne

If you know what kind of effect you’re trying to create but aren’t sure what lighting will help you to achieve it, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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