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Cos Christmas 2017 Window Display

December 2017
2 Months
Creating a window display lighting solution without the need of a qualified tradesman for installation.

H&M’s luxury brand COS were looking for a lighting solution for their Christmas 2017 window displays. The challenge, as with many window schemes, was to ensure that the whole project could be installed without the need for any electrician present or any prior knowledge of LED bulbs. This meant a plug-and-play solution needed to be fitted. Working closely with SFD we used the waterproof circular channel that was one of our top selling products of 2017 to provide spotless lighting battens, offering a near 360 degree light output that wasn’t washed out by the winter sun. The result, a stunning window display which allowed COS to show off their Christmas display as well as a lighting solution which was easy to maintain by members of staff without needing any previous electrical knowhow. As well as waterproof circular channel, we also used our 240 LEDs per metre LED chips which completely eliminated any spotting, a common problem when it comes to LED lighting in retail window displays.

Products Circular Channel & LED Chips
Project Length 2 Months

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