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Hotel Chocolat Integrated Shelf Lighting

October 2018
2 Months
Creating an innovative shelving display system with integrated lighting.

At Tagra Lighting, we’re well versed in creating practical and effective lighting solutions for retailers. So, when Hotel Chocolat asked us to design shelving display systems with integrated lighting, we knew this was something we would be able to deliver on.

The company’s team stressed that they didn’t want to have any wires showing, and it needed to be as easy as possible for staff to move shelves around. So, we developed a completely wireless solution to suit Hotel Chocolat’s needs.

Using warm-white LED strip lighting, which was equipped with plug-and-play technology for quick and easy installation, we created a shelving system that allowed the retailer’s staff to move shelves up and down the bay with minimal fuss. They didn’t have to worry about managing any wires, and each shelf would illuminate once it was slotted into place.

We were able to deliver a working prototype within eight weeks of receiving the original brief, and the design was then rolled out to six stores across the UK.

Product Plug & Play Warm White LED Tape
Stores Covered 6 UK

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