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Mulberry Winter 2018 Window Display

December 2018
6 Weeks
600 Neon Tubes Supplied

In the lead-up to Christmas 2018, designer fashion label Mulberry approached us and asked if we could create neon tubes for their Christmas window displays. The brand's team had a very clear idea of what colours the tubes should be, and we had to work in a very short time frame, but we pulled the project off and received orders from more stores over the following weeks.

In just six weeks, we were able to develop more than 600 neon LED tubes ready to be distributed across the globe, including the US and Asia. We managed to match the colour of the tubes almost exactly to the original concept, and they could all be controlled via a wireless remote. This allowed Mulberry to choose the colour combinations they wanted from more than 16 million different options.

Project Length 6 Weeks
Product Neon Tubes
Location Globally

This is one of the most ambitious linear LED lighting projects we’ve worked on. If you would like us to create something similar for your store or event, get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

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