Buyers Guides & FAQS

What are the differences between our LED tapes?

Ambient Economy & Ambient Economy+:

This is a lower brightness tape using a 3528 chip with a low power consumption that is ideal for ambient lighting. Available in either 60 or 120 LEDs per metre.

Optiprofile & Optiprofile+:

This range of medium to high brightness tapes all have between 240-300 LEDs per metre, making them ideal for applications where visual spotting of the individual LEDs needs to be minimised. Housing them in a deeper channel such as our Extra Deep V2 extrusion will all but eliminate spotting.

Premium Pro & Premium Pro+:

High brightness tapes featuring the modern and ultra efficient 2835 chip. These tapes are ideal for retail and commercial environments. Available in either 60 or 120 LEDs per metre.

Colour Changing:

We have a wide range of RGB tapes that when paired with a controller can display almost limitless colour combinations. Several of these tapes feature a white chip alongside RGB which gives even more flexibility when mixing colours.

What is Flame White LED and why is it more expensive?

We have strived to find the highest quality flame white LED that doesn't compromise on colour rendering. Poor colour rendering in 2000k can often produce a poor orange light rather than a warm glow. Our Tagra 2000k flame white option uses superior 95cri led chip hence the increase In the price over the other Kelvin temperatures. Exceptional colour in the warmest white available for a beautiful huey glow.

How do I know which kelvin temperature I need?

Kelvin guide

Using the image above as a reference you can visualise which tape to buy.

6000K Cool White - Gives the highest lumen output, ideal for kitchens, showrooms, exhibitions and more.
4000K Neutral White - To replicate daylight, neutral white is not as harsh as Cool white.
3000K Warm White - The standard warm colour, ideal for living areas.
2700K Warmer White - The most popular in Tagra's range - the warmer white is preferred by most customers.
2000K Flame White - A highly sought after chip, ideal for restaurants, bars, museums and more.

How do I cut and join the tapes?

All tapes have cut marks spaced evenly every few centimetres along the copper dots. We stock a range of simple clip-on connectors that make joining tapes easy. Alternatively, wires can be soldered at these points.

Is LED tape dimmable? How is this achieved?

All of our LED tapes can be made dimmable. For mains dimming you'll need one of our dimmable drivers. Our range of controllers for either single colour or RGB tape are also able to dim the light output. These do not need a dimmable driver.

How many drivers do I need?

Our normal recommendation is to use one driver for every five metres of 12v tape or every seven metres of 24v tape. This is because a power drop may start to occur after this point. To work out which driver you need, look for the stated wattage of the tape and multiply this by the number of metres you intend to run. Then look for a driver that can exceed this wattage. For example, five metres of 14.4w tape totals 72 watts. An 80 watt Orion driver would be ideal here.