ITAB Interiors

Case Study

Successfully providing light solutions for over 1000 pieces of furniture.

iTAB Project

About ITAB Interiors

ITAB is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of shop concepts, checkouts, lighting, fixtures and fittings and shop equipment.

The Task & Requirements

Over a 12 month period we have worked closely with the team at ITAB interiors to develop a custom and flexible lighting solution to work as part of a large residential housing project.

The Solution

With their being 4 or 5 different variations of the furniture we had to create something that could be flexibily scaled to suit the demands of the project whilst also remaining in a plug and play format to negate the need for electricians to install, saving the client a great deal in fees.

The Result

A number of prototypes and colour matching excersises led to us winning the job that is currently being installed in East London.

What we used

Custom coloured sensors, and pre-fabricated Tagra LED Light Bars successfully added light to over 1000 pieces of furniture with Itab.

iTAB Project