Next Christmas 2018

Case Study

Next Christmas 2018 Christmas Displays - Retro Fairy Lights

The Task

With a tight lead time, the company approached Tagra to design a retro festive lighting scheme for their 2018 Christmas window displays to be rolled out globally. The installation needed to be easy for store staff to install and use, whilst remaining eye-catching and exciting in a competitive high-street environment.

The Solution

Aiming for strings of fairy lights echoic of the 80’s but with the modern LED technology of today, Tagra created a brand new product especially for Next. The custom mould design featured thousands of multi-coloured LED bulbs that created a stunning festive effect. Tagra also manufactured over 500 plug and play light boxes all from our specialist production facility in Manchester. 

The Result

From design to delivery, Tagra delivered a beautiful LED display for each of their stores, on time and within budget. A 0002% fault rate was recorded across the all stores globally. This stunning scheme created an outstanding fairy light design reminiscent of the good old days. Remember when a whole set of fairy lights wouldn't work because on bulb had blown? Luckily the LED technology meant the lights were far more reliable than the originals from the 80’s!