Customise Extra Deep V2 With Trim Aluminium Channel / Extrusion / Profile for Housing LED Tape - 18 x 22mm

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    Extra Deep V2 With Trim Aluminium Channel Profile

    Our Extra Deep Version 2 Channel is ideal for recessing into walls at an even deeper level with a depth of 18mm as opposed to our version 1 which is 14.5mm deep. This taller channel will also prevent any spotting/banding in the light that can be created when using LED Tape with only 60 leds per metre.

    These Recessed Flat Aluminium Channels are suitable for housing and protecting our LED strips. They allow a flush install into grooves or furniture pieces as well as prevent the much unwanted secondary refraction from reflective surfaces. They also act as a heat sink for them as well, which in turn will increase the LEDs lifetime as well as slowing down any brightness degradation over time.

    Each channel is available with either a frosted or semi-transparent diffuser which helps diffuse the light from each LED in a much more uniform pattern and also prevents any glare or secondary refraction from occurring.

    These channels can help create sleek and completely bespoke LED strip lighting installations.

    • Dimensions: 18mm x 22mm
    • Max Tape Width: 12mm
    • Material: Anodized Aluminium

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