20 Metre, 20 Vintage Lamp Festoon String, 1000mm Spacing with 10 Squirrel Cage and 10 G95 Bulbs, B22, 2200K, Very Warm White

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Give your desired outdoor space a new lease of life with our brand new IP54 outdoor festoon kits. Perfect for your garden, events and parties, our pre selected bulb combinations take away the headache of mixing and matching, making your choice as smooth as possible. Available in 7.5 metre, 10 metre, 15 metre, 20 metre and 50 metre string lengths, there’s a solution for every outdoor situation.

These festoon strings are linkable upto a maximum length of 50 Metres

One of these festoon kits includes:

  • A 20 Metre festoon string with 20 B22 Lamp sockets spaced 750mm apart
  • 10 Vintage Squirrel Cage 2200K and 10 G95 2200K LED Bulbs
  • Attached 3 Metre UK mains Plug

These Vintage Squirrel Cage and G95 LED bulbs will give a warm amber glow in a Very Warm White 2200K temperature.

Please note: IP54 rating is subject to correct bulb installation.

How Do I Connect These Up?
Our festoon range is easy to set up. Each end of the festoon lights comes with a connector, simply align this with the power cable and then tighten up the special waterproof glands.

Can I Extend These Festoon Lights?
Our festoons have the option to be able to extend, the maximum we recommend that you connect together is 50 metres. Please do not extend our 50 metre festoon model.

How Do I Mount These?
Each of our festoon packs comes supplied with small hooks to mount. If this is not suitable each lamp holder also has screw holes on either side.

Warning: The power cable plug is to be used indoors only


• Length Excluding power cable: 20 Metres
• Length Including power cable: 23 Metres
• Cable: Double Insulated PVC weatherproof
• Hooks included: 20pcs
• Spacing In between bulbs: 1 metre
• Spacing to first & last bulb: 0.5 metre
• Cap Fitting: Bayonet Cap (B22)
• Power cable Included with UK 3-pin plug (3 metres)

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