Chunky Aluminium Channel 23.5×16.8mm, Silver, 2 Metre Length

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This 23.5 x 16.8mm aluminium profile is thicker and more robust than our standard profiles, making it ideal for larger commercial and industrial installations. Thanks to an extra large heat sink it is perfect for high brightness tapes. With 20mm of internal width available it is even capable of housing two of our standard width LED strips side by side.

This profile can also be suspended via our V1 Suspension kit

These Recessed Flat Aluminium Channels allow for a flush install into grooves or furniture pieces as well as being designed to avoid any undesirable refraction from reflective surfaces. They also work as a heat sink for them as well, which in turn will increase the LEDs lifetime as well as slowing down any brightness degradation over time.

Each channel is available with either a frosted or semi-transparent diffuser which is designed to diffuse the light from each LED in a uniform pattern and also prevents any glare or secondary refraction from occurring.

These channels can help create sleek and completely bespoke LED strip lighting installations.
Please note: This aluminium channel does not come with a diffuser as standard, this will need to be purchased seperately.
Diffusers will affect the brightness of LED tapes when installed, as a general guide, please see the information below on how much the brightness is affected by each type of diffuser.

Transparent: 5-10% of the brightness will be taken away

Semi-Clear: 25-30% of the brightness will be taken away

Opal: 50-55% of the brightness will be taken away

Black: 65-70% of the brightness will be taken away

This channel can house any LED tape up to and including 20mm in width

• Dimensions: 23.5x16.8mm

• Max Tape Width: 20.2mm

• Material: Aluminium

• Anodised anti corrosive

• Frosted and semi-clear anti-shatter diffuser available

• End caps and clips available

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