Finium Linear Recessed 69×35


The Finium Linear Recessed 69×35 comes with metal end cap design and designed specifically for recessed lighting design.

The Finium Linear Recessed 69×35 has been specifically designed with anti-leaky block technology. Constructed from AL6063-T5 aluminium profiles with high-quality surface treatment.

The Finium Linear Recessed 69×35 come in three colour options; black, white and silver.

The Finium Linear Recessed 69×35 come with two optional accessories of N-shaped buckle and butterfly clip for fast and efficient installations.

Introducing the Finium Linear Recessed 69x35 as part of the latest linear range from Tagra. This linear comes in three colours and has been designed to integrate seamlessly into structural modern design. Ideal for residential and commercial settings.

Finium Linear Recessed 69x35