Handheld 4 Zone Remote Control and Receiver, 12/24V, For CCT LED Tape



This CCT Remote is designed for our 12V and 24V CCT LED Tape. Up and down buttons will increase or decrease the brightness and the left and right arrows will adjust colour temperature. Easy to install and easy to sync up, these controllers are ideal for home use. Everything works via radio frequency.

Endless receivers can be controlled from one handheld remote. Each receiver is placed between a driver and a run of LED tape. Receivers can be grouped into ‘zones’, of which the remote can run up to four. Zones could easily correspond to rooms in your house, thus you could group all the receivers in your kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms into four seperate zones and control them all via one remote.

The basic product is designed to work as a bundle of one receiver and one remote. You can add more receivers to your basket by adjusting the quantity on the right of the page.

all products should be installed by a technically competent person in accordance with BS7671 and all other local regulations.

  • Maximum output: 12V 144W 2 x 6A  or 24V 2 x 6A 288W
  • Functions: on/off - brightness
  • Supplied as Remote control and one Receiver (To Buy Extra Receivers please add them with the option above)
  • Maximum range is 30m unobstructed
  • Up and down Brightness Button
  • Size 85(L)X45(W)X23(H) mm Remote 110mm L x 53mm W x 22mm H
  • Endless receivers can be used and joined to this Master remote control system. 
  • Place this product between the Power supply and the LED Strips to control the dimming function.
  • This unit will work with any of the 12v or 24v Led Tape
  • This can also be used on Iphone Ipad or Android Devices with add on URWIFI
  • Uses 2 x AAA Batteries

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