Infinitum Linear



Introducing the revolutionary Infinitum Linear. Capable of creating seamless lighting without any connection gaps over a 50m length. When paired with the latest flexible diffuser it has the ability to create seamless linear lighting of up to 50meters. The introduction of the Infinitum Linear has revolutionised linear lighting capabilities.

The Infinitum Linear comes as a leading product to the linear range from Tagra.  Boasting the ability to create seamless lighting with no connection gaps over a distance of up to 50meters the Infinitum is a game change to the linear market.

Coming with revolutionary magnetic end caps that connect in seconds, the Infinitum enables fast and efficient installations with minimal fuss and labour.

The Infinitum is paired with a flexible diffuser that comes in rolls of up to 50m.

The Infinitum Linear comes with a creative carrier buckle which aids the speed for connecting multiple linear together in a fast and efficient manner improving installation and maintenance.

Constructed from AL6063-T5 aluminium profile with high-quality surface treatment and available in three colour options of black, white and silver.

The Infinium also comes with super free connection: 180 ° extender, "L-", "T-" and "X-" type light corner.

The Infinitum Linear can be installed as a Pendant, recessed, surface or wall mounted lighting solution.

Infinitum Linear