Standard Flat Water Resistant IP65 Profile, Opal, 2 Metre Length

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A fully plastic water resistant channel rectangular shape ideal for being mounted outdoors and in damp environments. This extrusions is a revolutionary design allowing the user to install in damp environments without water ingress.

This channel uses an inner metal spine inserted into a plastic outer body which works to eliminate water ingress. Simply lay the LED tape onto the Aluminium spine and insert into the channel, then use the provided end caps to seal the ends. We suggest using a further silicone glue coating inside and out.

Diffusers will affect the brightness of LED tapes when installed, as a general guide, please see the information below on how much the brightness is affected by each type of diffuser.

Transparent: 5-10% of the brightness will be taken away

Semi-Clear: 25-30% of the brightness will be taken away

Opal: 50-55% of the brightness will be taken away

Black: 65-70% of the brightness will be taken away

Please note that we recommend using LED tape with no more that 14.4 watts per meter due to the compromised heat sync.

  • Perfect for outdoor use or with swimming pools.
  • Accessories included: Aluminium slide in Insert & Pair of end caps
  • Shape: Flat Rectangular
  • Dimensions: 18.77x8.75mm
  • Max Tape Width: 12.49mm
  • Diffusion: Opal

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Standard Flat Water Resistant IP65 Profile