Wide Angle Slide-in Aluminium Profile, Silver, 2 Metre Length

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Benefitting from a larger diffuser, this profile can allow for wide-angle light dispersion when coupled with a suitable LED tape. Thanks to a clever baseplate, the profile slides in and leaves a convenient space below for cable management and any mounting screws to be drilled through.

These Recessed Flat Aluminium Channels allow for a flush install into grooves or furniture pieces as well as being designed to avoid any undesirable refraction from reflective surfaces. They also work as a heat sink for them as well, which in turn will increase the LEDs lifetime as well as slowing down any brightness degradation over time.

Each channel is available with either a square or circular diffuser which is designed to diffuse the light from each LED in a uniform pattern and also prevents any glare or secondary refraction from occurring.

These channels can help create sleek and completely bespoke LED strip lighting installations.
Please note: This aluminium channel does not come with a diffuser as standard, this will need to be purchased seperately.
Diffusers will affect the brightness of LED tapes when installed, as a general guide, please see the information below on how much the brightness is affected by each type of diffuser.

Transparent: 5-10% of the brightness will be taken away

Semi-Clear: 25-30% of the brightness will be taken away

Opal: 50-55% of the brightness will be taken away

Black: 65-70% of the brightness will be taken away

  • External Dimensions WxHxL: 19.9x19.5x3000mm
  • Max Tape Width: 15.5mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Anodised anti corrosive
  • Square and Circular style diffusers available
  • End caps and clips available

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Wide Angle Slide-in Aluminium Profile, Silver