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Extra Deep Aluminium Channel With Trim 23mm X 14.5mm

The Extra Deep channel with trim is a deeper profile ideal for combatting spotting of individual LEDs due to it's 14.5mm depth.
Max Tape Width: 12.3mm 23mm x 14.5mm Anodised Aluminium Silver White Black Custom Colours Available Non-Spotting Any Length upto 3 Metres Bespoke Lengths Available

Extra Deep Channel is ideal for recessing into walls at a deeper level.

This is due to having a depth of 14.5mm, as opposed to our standard channel which is 8mm deep. A deeper channel will help to prevent any spotting or banding that can be created when using LED Tape with 60 leds per metre. Now Extra Deep comes with a Trim, perfect for recessing.

Each channel comes complete with either an opal, semi-clear or transparent diffuser, making it possible to soften the light output and reduce any glare. By using a deeper channel it is possible to completely eliminate the spotting effect between the LEDs.

Aluminium profiles allow for a neater finish which can be easily cleaned and maintained for a long term professional installation. A choice of Black, Silver and White profile colours is available.

The profile is available off the shelf in lengths of 2 and 3 metres or in custom bespoke lengths, mitred and cut at an angle if required.

SKU: 23145

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