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Flexible Double Anodized Aluminium Profile 18mm x 5.7mm

Our flexible profile is made from Double-Anodized Aviation 6063-T5 aluminium alloy, making it perfect for bespoke projects and curved walls, tables and objects.
IP20 Max Tape Width: 13mm 18mm x 5.7mm Aviation 6063-T5 Aluminum Alloy Max Bend Radius: 3cm Any Length upto 3 Metres Bespoke Lengths Available

The flexible nature of this profile is designed to contain any of our flexible LED strips that are 8 to 12mm wide.

This profile is made from high quality Double-Anodized Aviation 6063-T5 aluminium alloy making it corrosion proof. This special material gives the profile flexible properties making it ideal for bespoke projects and curved walls/tables/objects.

The Diffusers are made of polycarbonate and are certified for excellent resistance to UV radiation, as well as being flame retardant.
One of the accessories offered for the profile is a cover that shades and protects the LEDs inside the profile.

Standard polypropylene end caps and mounting brackets are used for the profile as supplementary accessories.

The profile can be mounted to surfaces with the use of double-sided adhesive tape or mounting brackets. The mounting bracket guarantees an easy and secure mounting solution to the desired surface. It can also be used as a connector between lengths of profile.

This profile and diffuser is non-spotting when installed with our recommended light source.

SKU: 1857

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