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Large Corner Aluminium Channel 30mm x 30mm

Large Corner Channel can be used in various areas but is more suited to placing on 90º edges around kitchens, bathrooms, showrooms and more.
Max Tape Width: 20.2mm 30mm x 30mm Aluminium Custom Colours Available Any Length upto 3 Metres Bespoke Lengths Available

These larger 30 x 30mm Corner Aluminium Channels are suitable for housing and protecting our LED strips

They are wide enough to accommodate our super bright 5050 x120 LED tape and allow a flush install into corners as well as prevent the much unwanted secondary refraction from reflective surfaces.Each channel comes complete with either a frosted or semi-clear diffuser. It is thus possible to soften the light output and reduce any glare. By using a deeper channel it is possible to completely eliminate the spotting effect between the LEDs.

Aluminium profiles also allow for a cleaner finish into an installation which can be easily cleaned, maintained and installed for a long term more professional installation finish.

The channel is available off the shelf in lengths of 2 and 3 metres or in custom bespoke lengths, mitred and at an angle.

SKU: 3030

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