Next Christmas 2018 Window Displays

Creating retro lighting for their Christmas 2018 window displays

  • Date: December 2018
  • Client: Next
  • Project Type: Window Display Lighting

About this Project

When Next asked us to create some retro lighting for their Christmas 2018 window displays, we quickly realised there was nothing already on the market that fitted the brief. As a result, we had to design the lighting solution, make a brand-new mould that would achieve the results we wanted, and manufacture everything from scratch through our bespoke lighting service.

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This project involved creating 20,000 customised Christmas string lights, which were delivered to all 600 of Next’s stores UK-wide. We were able to provide all of these kits with a 0% fail rate and, because the company was so happy with the retro-coloured Pickwick lights that we were able to design for them, they placed a second order for lightboxes.

Again, these needed to be distributed to all 600 stores. They were built by hand using Tagra LED ribbon and drivers, and with plug-and-play technology for the easiest installation possible.

We had just 12 weeks to complete this project and have since won the tender to supply Next’s window display lights for Christmas 2019 — this will be the fourth consecutive year we’ve worked with the retailer.

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